IFF & Ziplist Updates!

I just wanted to share a few changes we’ve recently made here on IFF as well as a new feature from Ziplist. Since we launched the blog redesign, I’ve received a number of emails from folks who had trouble finding the “Print” & “Save To Recipe Box” icons on the recipes here at IFF, so we removed the icons and put the buttons on the bottom of each recipe in bright green boxes where everyone can easily find them. As well, at the top of each page in the navigation bar is a link to your Ziplist Recipe Box, Shopping List, and Meal Planner so you can easily access any of them while browsing through Italian Food Forever.

If you haven’t signed up with Ziplist yet but want to learn more, you can read my earlier post about how Ziplist works HERE and how it can benefit you and make your meal planning much easier.

Ziplist has also made some updates of their own recently by adding Weekly Grocery Deals. Now when you save your recipes right to your shopping list, you can immediately see what grocery deals are available for a certain ingredient. You can also browse for deals on other grocery items you buy every single week.  How it works….

1. Save a recipe first and then visit your shopping list page – On the shopping list page, go ahead and add another item, like “chicken”. You will see a number of deal icons next to several shopping list items on your list. Simply click on the icon to see recommended deals for stores in your area and add one to your item.

2. Visit your new branded “Grocery Deals” tab that is between “My List” and “Recipes” to browse for deals on other grocery items you buy every single week – search for an item or filter by specific stores. With one click each item can be added to your branded shopping list. On your shopping list page, the offer is clearly marked and identifiable with a green deal icon and the deal details. When you print your list or use your mobile app, that same deal information stays with you!

Deborah Mele
October 2012


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