Spaghetti Carbonara Pie

Asparagus Arancini Stuffed With Creamy Taleggio Cheese

Frizzone – Vegetable Stew From Emilia Romagna

Grapefruit Almond Cake {Gluten Free}

Sourdough Whole Wheat Bread

Tomato, Onion, & Gorgonzola Cheese Salad

Herbed Farro Polenta Topped With Veggies & Celery Leaf Pistachio Pesto

Pasta With Fresh Artichokes, Olives, & Guanciale

Palermo Style Chicken Cutlets With Pistachio Caper Sauce {Cotoletta di Pollo alla Palermitana}

Crab Stuffed Shells With Creamy Tomato Sauce

End Of Season Pasta Bake {Pasta al Forno con Quattro Formaggi e Guanciale}

Focaccia Stuffed With Prosciutto Cotto, Provolone Cheese & Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto

Bruschetta With White Bean Puree, Olives & Fresh Thyme

Lemon Ricotta Cheesecake With Blueberry Sauce

Garlic Confit

Lamb Shanks Braised With Red Wine & Rosemary

Sicilian Seafood Soup With Couscous

Farro Zucchini Cakes With Roasted Red Pepper Sauce

Green Beans With Mustard Vinaigrette & Toasted Almonds

Easter In Italy

Caramelized Roasted Carrots With Parsley Almond Pesto

Pan Fried Potato Gnocchi With Lemon

Salami & Cheese Easter Frittata

Italian Confetti Salad

Roast Chicken Thighs with Olives, Tomatoes, & Potatoes

Bacon Wrapped Artichoke Hearts

Baked Pasta With Butternut Squash & Ricotta Cheese Pockets