Soft Amaretti

Another traditional nut paste cookie made with ground almonds, this version has a soft, chewy center. Buon Appetito! Deborah Mele 2011


Espresso Hazelnut Crisps

Cookies have always played an important part in Italian cuisine, whether they are consumed for breakfast with a cappuccino, or nibbled with a quick shot of espresso at a...


Ciambelle with Wine

This recipe using wine and anise seeds is my favorite type of ciambelle, or ring shaped cookie. Don’t worry about being too professional in shaping them, as you want...


Parmesan Sage Focaccia

You can change the texture of your focaccia, simply by using different pans to cook them in. If you bake this lightly herb and cheese flavored focaccia dough in...


Rosemary Focaccia

Making a basic focaccia is a very easy way to begin making bread if you have never tried it before. Depending on how large you stretch your dough, this...


Tomato Focaccia

This recipe is one of my favorite focaccia recipes, consisting of a topping of small, ripe tomatoes, fresh basil, sea salt and olive oil. Making focaccia is a very easy...


Olive Focaccia

Flatbreads such as this one are great cut into small strips and served as bread with your meals, or cut into larger squares and used to make sandwiches. This...


Potato Focaccia Dough

This dough, made with mashed potatoes creates a focaccia with soft interior and a crisp crust, and can be used to make a large focaccia with a simple herb...


Ciambelle with Fennel

Ciambelle are very chewy, fennel flavored bread rings that are wonderful as between meal snacks. Nonna Yolanda was my husband’s Grandmother, and this was the recipe she passed down...


Piadina Bread

A piadina is a type of traditional flatbread found in Italy that are stuffed with every conceivable fillings. The dough is made simply by mixing flour, water, and olive...