Roasted Whitefish With Vegetables

We make this dish often in my family, though we often substitute different fish and vegetables depending on what we have on hand. This is a recipe that is impressive...


Salsa Verde

A great vibrant sauce that is perfect to top grilled seafood, meats, or cold poached chicken. You can vary the taste by adding other ingredients such as capers or anchovies...


Piccata Sauce

A simple, piquant sauce that is great on chicken, veal, or whitefish. This is a no fail recipe, that every cook should have in their recipe collection. Buon Appetito!...


Brown Butter Sauce

A simple sauce that is great on vegetable or cheese filled pastas. This sauce is also good with 1/2 cup toasted pine nuts mixed in, or substitute fresh sage for...


Blender Hollandaise Sauce

This sauce is a no-fail method of making creamy hollandaise. Use on eggs, blanched vegetables, or anything else you would like. Buon Appetito! Deborah Mele 2011


Bolognese Sauce 2

This tasty meat sauce was created in the region around Bologna, which explains how it got it’s name. This sauce is great on almost any pasta, or layered between...


Béchamel Sauce

A basic white sauce with many uses in an Italian kitchen. Use as a base for other ingredients, or layer with tomato sauce in a baked pasta dish. By...



This is an easy salad recipe which is a wonderful way to use up stale bread, and expresses the Tuscan mentality of simplicity with the use of fresh, ripe,...


Pork Tenderloin In Garlic Sauce

Pork tenderloin is becoming increasingly more popular, and this is a dish I recently had at a restaurant that I just had to create at home. The tenderloin is...


Paglia e Fieno With Bolognese Sauce

Translated as “straw & hay”, this pasta dish contains a mix of both spinach and egg noodle pasta. This version is sauced with a delicious bolognese sauce but almost...