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Italy Travel Guide - Comprehensive guide to visiting Italy for the first time. Includes everything from information you may need before you leave on your trip, destination guide, weather, air fare, guide to Italian food and much more!

Cantalupo Tour - Week-long private tours of Italy Cantalupo Tours provides specialized small-group tour itineraries and thematic walks throughout Italy, including the historic towns of Florence, Naples, Rome, Venice, and the island of Sicily. Programs include visits to world-class museums, monuments, and churches, food demonstrations, wine tastings, cultural programs, and art history and architectural discussions. - This service includes a custom tailored itinerary from start to finish, all centrally located accommodation suggestions and bookings, advanced museum reservations, restaurant recommendations and reservations and much much more. This is the perfect choice for those who want to be guaranteed an enjoyable, relaxing and worry free vacation to the Italian peninsula.

Italy For Visitors - A comprehensive site covering any aspect of traveling in Italy. Includes handy maps, tips on travel, money and language as well as general travel information specific to Italy.

I Travel Italia - This tourist consulting service is designed for the independent traveler who wants to see Italy on their own terms but is looking for guidance on how to plan the trip. We offer a variety of services including e-travel guides as well as trip planning services tailored to the customer’s specific interests. We have a unique situation in that we are actually living in Italy, so we have established a lot of contacts and have an extensive knowledge of the country as we ourselves travel often.

Savour The Sannio - Discover the beauty, history and culinary wealth hidden in the folds of the Appenines between Rome and Naples. Directly inland from the wonders of Mt. Vesuvius, Pompeii, Capri and the Amalfi Coast, the Sannio offers a kind of genuine experience that is fast disappearing along the well worn tourist tracks of Italy. Personalized itineraries include sightseeing, nature walks, cooking schools, wine and oil tastings, as well as ancient traditions tours such as cheese, bread and honey-making.

Select Italy - Select Italy was created out of the desire to offer a specialized, custom oriented travel service with the ability to produce state-of-the-art tours, itineraries and activities. Through a vast network of suppliers and cultural contacts, Select Italy has quickly established itself as a fast-growing operator in the industry.

Travel Umbria – A comprehensive travel site with a focus on Umbria that is a one stop resource for anyone planning a vacation to Umbria.

Van Gogh Tours - Van Gogh Tours is a family owned and operated company that has been conducting European bike and walking vacations for just over a decade. 7 day tours throughout Italy are carefully planned to the smallest details.