Review of The Pasta Box from Hamptons Lane


There is nothing I enjoy more than trying out new artisan kitchen gadgets or unique food items, so when Hamptons Lane contacted me to see if I would like to review their pasta box, of course I said yes! Hamptons Lane is a company that specializes in putting together unique gift boxes that are sent out monthly for a very reasonable price. Each month a new box is shipped that spotlights a different region, food, ingredient, skill, or activity. You can skip a month if that month’s theme doesn’t interest you, and you can cancel your membership anytime. I was impressed when I browsed through past boxes which included such themes as Healthy Eating, Artisan Entertaining, American Breakfast, and even Spanish Tapas. Each box contains a selection of artisan foods, unique kitchen tools and tabletop items. Also included in each box are free recipes to help you make the very best use of the ingredients in your box.

When my Pasta Box arrived, I was very excited to open it to discover the contents. I found the selection included a number of items I was familiar with, along with a couple I hadn’t yet tried. The pasta box includes:

Trio of Ravioli Stamps by Eppicotispai, Italy
MSRP: $24.00 I have these stamps in my kitchen in Umbria and have used them often. They are very effective in helping to make professional looking ravioli for even the novice cook.

Urbani Black Truffle & Mushroom Sauce, New York, NY
MSRP: $10.00 I have not yet tried this sauce, but I am very familiar with sauces that contain both mushrooms and truffles which we call Tartufata in Umbria. The Urbani brand is well known as being one of the top Italian truffle brands sold in the US, and I have enjoyed a number of their products. This sauce is wonderful tossed with hot pasta, spread on toasted crusty Italian bread, or even used as a pizza topping.

Pasta Drying Rack by Weston, Strongsville, Ohio
MSRP: $12.00 I have this type of rack both in my kitchen here in Florida as well as in Italy. It is very useful for drying fresh pasta.

Squid Ink by El Jison, Spain
MSRP: $9.00 I am really excited to try out this ingredient soon as I have never seen dried squid ink sold like this. I have only used squid ink sold in the liquid form, and I think this type would be great used to make fresh squid ink pasta or risotto.

Tipo 00 Flour by Antimo Caputo, Naples
MSRP: $4.99 I am a huge fan of Caputo 00 flour and use it often for making fresh pasta and pizza dough in my kitchen. It is all but impossible to find in retail stores, but in my mind is the best Italian flour for making both pasta and pizza dough.

Tagliatelle Pasta Cutter by Eppicotispai, Italy
MSRP: $7.00 I had the plastic version of this fun tool in Italy and used it to cut fresh pasta dough. I am happy to add this wood version to my collection of pasta tools!

There was an information brochure included in the box describing each ingredient with suggestions on how best to use them. On the back of the information sheet are two recipes, one for Truffled Squid Ink Pasta, and one for Truffle Mushroom Ravioli to help you get started in the kitchen. There are also additional recipes on the Hamptons Lane website that will help you use your box of ingredients and pasta tools.

The price of this Pasta Box is just $47 and as you can see, if you bought each of the ingredients separately, it would be much more expensive. I was sent this great gift box free of charge, and this review is my honest opinion of the contents. I would certainly recommend buying this box for anyone who is interested in learning to make their own pasta, or for interested foodies who simply enjoy trying out unique ingredients. I love the idea of sending surprise food based boxes to friends and family who love to cook. I was pleased to see that you can buy gift cards of various amounts that you can gift to those you know will enjoy them. They can choose the boxes that interest them the most, and simply skip any box that doesn’t interest them. I have a family member who is a true foodie that has a Birthday coming up next month, and I KNOW he’ll love this gift, so I have already ordered my gift card from Hamptons Lane. (shhh, don’t tell him!) If you are interested in learning more about Hamptons Lane and how you can sign up yourself or buy gift cards for your favorite foodie, click HERE!

I was so impressed with this Pasta Box that I asked the Hamptons Lane folks if they would consider giving me an extra box to use as a contest giveaway prize, and they were kind enough to agree. The contest will be posted tomorrow, so be sure to check back to enter as it is a prize any pasta lover would enjoy!


Deborah Mele
March 2015