Bono Olive Oil Review & Contest Giveaway

We have a hundred olive trees with a selection of four different varieties of olives on our property in Umbria that we harvest every year to create our own amazing organic extra virgin olive oil. Having the ability to taste our own delicious olive oil tends to make me a little bit of an olive oil snob, as I do know what good olive oil should taste like. When I was contacted by the folks at Bono USA  to sample their P.D.O. Val di Mazara 100% Organic EVOO, I was very curious. Bonolio was established in 1934 by Vincenzo Bono, and today is lead by his four sons. Bonolio is the largest olive mill in Sicily, and they presently produce a number of types of olive oil, Sicilian table olives, and fruit marmalades.

I recently had my family over for our weekly pizza night and decided to include them in taste testing Bono’s organic olive oil. We find the best way to taste olive oil is to pour it liberally over slices of warm, crusty Italian bread that has been lightly grilled. After drizzling the bread with the oil, all it needs is a sprinkle of coarse sea salt. The warmth of the bread brings out the flavor of the oil allowing you to taste its flavor at its best. The consensus of my family was that Bono’s P.D.O. Val di Mazara Organic Olive Oil was full flavored but smooth with a fruity flavor. It was very similar to our own olive without the sharp finishing bite that our olive oil has. I feel that this is very high-quality olive oil that I would certainly use in my own kitchen, and would recommend to others. It would be best used as a finish on soups or salads, and of course, it is lovely drizzled on slices of grilled crusty bread! To find Bono products in your area, you can use their handy store locator .

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To encourage more folks to learn about their products, Bono USA  is providing a selection of their delicious products produced by their Sicilian company as a tasty contest prize for one lucky winner. The suggested retail price for this package is around $70 US and includes:

Two Bottles of 2 Novello EVOO & Two Bottles of 2 PDO Organic EVOO –
Thus, Bonolio is proud to be the largest producer and trader of P.D.O (Protected Designation of Origin) Val Di Mazara-Sicily Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the world. Bono’s P.D.O Val Di Mazara-Sicily has won numerous awards, including best International/Italian island extra virgin olive oil at the Los Angeles competition in 2008, 2009, 2011, and 2012.

Sicilian Table Olives –
The Nocellara del Belice Olives, known in the United States as Castelvetrano olives, are cultivated exclusively in their native environment in and around the town of Castelvetrano in the West of Sicily.
These all- natural green olives have an incredible buttery-sweet flavor and a crisp, firm texture. They are marvelous whether as an appetizer or an ingredient of your meal.

1 Jar Organic Orange Marmalade & 1 Jar Organic Lemon Marmalade –
These two products are made from Sicily’s world-famous citrus fruits.
The climate in Sicily provides for the perfect growth and cultivation of citrus fruits.

THIS CONTEST IS NOW OVER! The winner is Lucile Stachowiak

Good Luck!
Deborah Mele January 2019